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Application Drags

This application is worth noting, Do not bother buying this application, it totally sucks… I am not wasting my time on what is needed to correct the issues because the Developer doesnt care and their just in for the money. I rather log in from the website which is much better than putting up a fight with this App.

Does NOT Work...

Do not spend your money on this. Doesn't function.

why wont it open?

I just bought this app for a macbook air and it wont open? help

Can multitask!

I like that one can multitask in this app compared to the other app option. I can copy and paste, leave the app to go to a website, return and add a link to the same post, all without losing what I was creating. The other app can’t do that and it is frustrating. I like that this app can be made visually transparent so as not to interfere with current work. I don’t like that there is no option to quickly set the window size. I find myself expanding and retracting the size of the window a lot.

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